Alex Greene


To determine if trans-cinnamic acid can be made into a 3.0 M concentration in the solvent THF using a 5ml volumetric flask


Cinnamic acid was measured to on a balance to have a concentration of 3M in a 5ml volumetric flask. The Cinnamic acid was added to a volumetric flask. Then THF was added to the flask up to the 5ml mark on the volumetric flask.


The Cinnamic acid failed to completely dissolve in the THF at room temperature with mixing by inverting and sonication. Undissolved cinnamic acid remained at the bottom of the volumetric flask.



The Cinnamic acid failed to completely dissolve in the solution of THF. The result is a contradiction of EXP 245, which had a cinnamic acid concentration around 3M



11:17- A 5ml volumetric flask was weight at 23.7969g
11:20- 2.2260g of trans-cinnamic acid was weighted and transferred to volumetric flask
11:28- THF was added to volumetric flask up to 5ml mark
11:34- Inverted flask repeatedly for 8 seconds to mix solution
11:35- Sonicated flask for 5 seconds
11:38- Took picture #1