Mark Mangir


To test the solubility of trans-cinnamic acid in ethanol and methanol by the SAMS NMR method.



SAMS Sheet [rename files to EXP227 and enable anyone to edit JCB][Use updated density value 1.247 g/cm3 for cinnamic acid and update solsumsheet AL]
Cinnamic Acid has a solubility of 1.07M in ethanol and 1.29M in methanol at 21C.


[Compare your results with existing measurements and mention the NMR problems JCB]
The solubility of the methanol sample was slightly lower than the other examples, but the experiment was performed at a lower temperature, so this dip in solubility is to be expected. The value for solubility in methanol seems to be right on target with the other experiments performed. This is a repeat of experiment 219, because due to NMR errors there was no sample left once the NMR was in working condition.


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13:15 Room Temp was 21C. [Add time JCB]
13:15 Added about 1mL of ethanol to 1 dram screw cap vial. (Vial 1)
13:17 Added about 1mL of methanol to a second screw top vial. (Vial 2)
13:25 Weighted 387 mg of Cinnamic acid (TCA) (99+%, Aldrich) on weigh paper.
13:26 Added TCA to vial with ethanol (Vial 1)
13:30 Weighed 352 mg of TCA on weigh paper.
13:31 Added second sample of TCA to vial containing ethanol (Vial 2).
13:49 Took a 600mL beaker, added hot tap water to fill the beaker. It was 43C.
13:49 Placed each vial in the beaker after parafilming them.
13:55 Water temperature reached 40C, so transfered them to a new beaker with 46C water.
14:04 Temp down to 42C, removed vials and dried them.
14:07 Decanted the solutions into new vials- at first the solutions seemed to turned solid.
14:08 Fluid properties returned to both samples.
14:10 Let samples settle out.
15:40 Decanted solutions again and took NMR.