Lacey Condron with Lizzie Clark


To determine the solubility of Palmitic acid in acetone using the density method. The additivity of volumes is an assumption and the density of the solute is obtained from ChemSpider.


Acetone was obtained, volumetric flask was weighed (20.043 g) and the weight of 25 mL of acetone (19.772 g) was obtained from electronic balance. Contents of flask was transferred to 100 mL beaker. An excess amount of solvent was added to the 100 mL beaker making approximately 30 mL of solvent. The amount of Palmitic acid was previously calculated using the predicted value plus 33%-Planning Sheet. Palmitic acid (2.791 g) was added using a microspatula; this procedure was done in a room with a measured temperature at 26.0 degrees C. After the Palmitic acid was added, the beaker was covered with parafilm to avoid spilling, contamination and vaporization of the liquid.The beaker was placed in a hot water bath (tap water) at 45 degrees C to allow the solute to fully dissolve.The beaker was swirled periodically to assist in dissolving the solute. After the Palmitic acid was fully dissolved, the beaker was placed in a 25.0 degrees C water bath. This allowed the beaker to cool and begin to form crystals. After sitting for approximately 30 minutes crystals began forming. 25 mL of the supernatant liquid was pipetted into the 25 mL volumetric flask. The weight of the volumetric flask and supernatant was obtained (39.958 g). More crystals formed on the bottom of the volumetric flask which was a result of the solution being slightly cooled when being transferred from the 25.0 degree C water bath, to the balance.


The concentration of Palmitic Acid in acetone at 25 degrees C was measured to be 0.307 M.
Calculation Spreadsheet


The following log will be updated with values from today's experiment.
9:15 Weighed of 25mL volumetric flask- 20.043 g
9:20 Pipetted 25mL of acetone into the previously weighed volumetric flask. Weighed 25mL of acetone- 19.772 g
9:22 Poured the previously weighed 25mL of acetone into 100mL beaker along with 10mL extra of solvent.
9:24 Weighed/ added Palmitic acid (2.791 g) at 26.0 degrees C.
9:26 Placed beaker in 45 degree C water bath using tap water.
9:28 Beakers were continuously swirled to assist in the dissolving process while the temperature of the water bath was maintained to stay within 40-45 degrees C.
9:30 All Palmitic acid is dissolved, beaker was placed in a 25.0 degrees C water bath.
10:00 Precipitate formed in the 25 degree C water bath.
10:03 25 mL of the supernatant liquid was pipetted into the 25 mL volumetric flask (39.958 g).
10:05 The weight 25 mL of saturated solution is 19.915 g.