Mark Mangir


To determine the solubility of n-[(e)-(4-chlorophenyl)methylene]aniline in Hexane, ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, triethylene glycol, tetraethylene glycol, and 6000 Poly(ethylene glycol)

Sams Sheet



13:00 Placed 0.070g
n-[(e)-(4-chlorophenyl)methylene]aniline (Imine) in a screw top vial. (Vial 1)
13:05 Added 40 drops of Hexane to the vial 1.
13:10 Place vial 1 in 44C water bath
13:25 Removed vial 1 from the water bath, bath had risen to 51C. Let sit to coll on la bench.
13:30 Placed 0.070g of n-[(e)-(4-chlorophenyl)methylene]aniline in 5 screw top vials.
13:35 Added 40 drops of ethylene glycol to one vial (vial 2).
13:37 Added 40 drops of diethylene glycol to one vial (vial 3).
13:40 Added 40 drops of triethylene glycol to one vial (vial 4).
13:42 Added 40 drops of tetraethylene glycol to one vial (vial 5).
13:44 Added 40 drops of poly(ethylene glycol) to one vial (vial 6).
13:47 Shook vials to dissolve as much as possible.
13:55 Placed vials 2-6 in 51C water bath.
1515 Removed vials 2-6 from the water bath.


14:00 Took NMR of Imine in hexane, but spectra did not turn out, will attempt again tomorrow.
14:35 Took NMR of Imine in ethylene glycol, took 3 spectra. One treated normally, a second with and without setting the tms peak, since there were two peaks in that range, one set to each peak.