Mark Mangir


To test the solubility of n-[(e)-(4-chlorophenyl)methylene]aniline in ethanol, acetonitrile, benzene, hexane, and THF by the SAMS NMR method, dissolved using shake plate method.


SAMS Sheet


The solubility in ethanol was almost exactly the same as the amount determined in EXP272. It was 0.378, compared to last times 0.379.

The value for acetonitrile was off, it was 0.978 compared to 1.321 last time, off by 26%. It is possible this solution was not as saturated as it could have been.

The value for benzene was close, it was 2.493 compared to 2.273 last time, off by 8.8%.

The value for hexane was 0.105M, this is the first piece of data for the imine in hexane.

The value for THF was kind of close, it was 3.765 compared to 3.149 last time, off by 16.4%.