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Unnati Hajari


Purify caffeine through recrystallization with 10% impurities using 1-octanol and washing with pentane. [be more specific JCB]




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10:48- Weighed test tube [what kind? JCB], without cap (9.912g). Added 0.25g of caffeine and 0.025g of cinnamic acid. Added 1.253g of 1-octanol.
11:10- Heated using [[#|heat gun]] [how? JCB] for 2-3 minutes. [what did you observe - and when? JCB]n
11:23- Cooled in ice bath. [what was the appearance of the sample? JCB]
11:31- Weigh empty Sinterglass funnel (16.493g). [spelling JCB]
11:43- Weighed [[#|Erlenmeyer flask]] (116.963g).
11:45- Started vacuum [[#|filtration]]. [what did the sample look like? was it still in ice? JCB]
11:59- Weighed Sinterglass funnel after filtration (16.8245g). Weighed [[#|Erlenmeyer flask]] containing filtrate (117.986g).
12:06- 1.3223g of 1-octanol wash and then another 1.2515g wash of 1-octanol.
12:20- 3 washes of crystals with n-pentane with vacuum [[#|filtration]].
12:24- 1 more wash with n-pentane without vacuum filtration. [why did you not use vacuum filtration? JCB]
12:32- Weighed Sinterglass (16.7087g)