Ene Anteyi


Measurement of the solubility of Cinnamic acid in 10% ethanol in pentane


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13:19 Cyclohexane was used in the absence of pentane. It was transferred to a vial first and a pipet was used to transfer it to the 10 ml volumetric flask which already contained 1 ml of ethanol.
13:38 0.144 g of cinnamic acid was measured and put in a 20 ml test tube. The ethanol and cyclohexane in the 10 ml volumetric flask was transferred into the test tube using a pipet. The first 0.10 mol transferred resulted in a still cloudy soluton. As more of the the ethanol and cyclohexane solvent was transferred into the testube, more of the cinnamic acid dissolved. It was placed on the Vortex for a few seconds and almost all the solute had dissolved except some crystals at the bottom.
13:46 An additional 0.151 g of cinnamic acid was measured and added to the solution in the test tube. It appeared as a still cloudy solution.
13:55 Th test tube was placed on the Vortex again for a few minutes and some of the remaining crystal dissloved except a few of the crystals that settled to the bottom of the test tube.