To calculate the solubility of (trans)-cinnamic acid in 2-propynol, acetonitrile, and THF by density method.


Mary Ziegler





11:28: weigh the proper amount of each solvent (2 grams Isopropynol, 4 grams for acetonitrile, 4 grams of THF) into separate 5 dram vials
11:36: Add proper amounts of each solvent (8 ml Isopropynol, 6 ml acetonitrile, 6 ml THF)
11:42: Prepare water bath at approximately 45 C
11:43: prepare samples/ sonicate
11:50: check temperature of water bath (43 C)
11:50: place isopropynol mixture into water bath for 5 minutes
11:55: remove vial I1 (isopropynol mixture) remove supernatant
11:57: take temperature of supernatant (approximately 35 C)
11:59: Place both A1 (acetonitrile) and T1 (THF) vials into water bath for 5 minutes
12:04: remove vials from water bath
12:05: remove supernatant of acetonitrile, attempt to take temperature (very small sample [picture to come] question accuracy of temperature)
12:07: remove supernatant of THF, take temperature (25 C <--was waiting, had time to cool)
12:10: after being cooled (I2 left in air, A2 and T2 left to air/ cooled with air stream) observed isopropyl mixture was clear, acetonitrile turned opaque almost instantaneously, and THF was clear, but with a yellowish tint
12:11: take temperatures of each (I2 =22 C, A2=21 C, T2=22 C, room temperature = 23 C)
12:16: question the miscibility of I2 and T2 mixtures, get help from Evan
12:20: attempt to cool each mixture further
12:30: out of time (class) left I2 and T2 mixtures to evaporate to be checked in an hour, capped A2. If in an hours time I2 and T2 will be capped and the experiment will be completed on Monday