EXP70- HaeJi Choi


To determine the solubility of 2-chloro-5-nitrobenzaldehyde and octadecyl amine in 5 different solvents. The solvents are methanol, ethanol, THF, acetonitrile, toluene by NMR.


Saturated solutions of 2-chloro-5-nitrobenzaldehyde and octadecyl aminewere made with methanol, ethanol, THF, acetonitrile, toluene. After the last addition of solute to the solvents, they were vortexed for 10min each to saturate the solutions. After centrifuging the vials the supernatants (100uL) were placed into NMR tubes containing 700μl of CDCl3. Proton NMR of the solutions were obtained on a 500MHz Varian Unity Inova instrument. The solubility of the isocyanide and the amine was determined using SAMS.


2-chloro-5-nitrobenzaldehyde [also take a spectrum in CDCl3 and upload to ChemSpider JCB]
1 -methanol + 2-chloro-5-nitrobenzaldehyde
2 -ethanol + 2-chloro-5-nitrobenzaldehyde
3 -THF + 2-chloro-5-nitrobenzaldehyde
4-acetonitrile + 2-chloro-5-nitrobenzaldehyde
5 -toluene + 2-chloro-5-nitrobenzaldehyde
octadecyl amine
6 -methanol + octadecyl amine
7 -ethanol + octadecyl amine
8 -THF + octadecyl amine
9 -acetonitrile + octadecyl amine
10 -toluene + octadecyl amine