Ciana Evans


To determine the solubility of salicylic acid in toluene


First, to determine the purity of salicylic acid, an NMR of salicylic acid in DMSO was taken. The results were very similar if not identical to other known results and purity and so purity of salicylic was authenticated.
Two vials were filled with salicylic acid and enough toluene was added to each so that the salicylic acid was saturated. A third vial was treated in the same manner and was placed in a large vial first. All three vials were parafilmed and placed in the sonicator. The temperature was set to 40C. After 86 minutes the temperature was lowered to 25C and the vials cooled for about 59 minutes.


After removal form the sonicator, the salicylic acid could be seen as solid layer at the bottom of the vials and did come out of solution.




13:11 In 2 vials [name these here JCB], mixtures of salicylic acid and toluene were parafilmed and placed in the sonicator at 40 C.[Do you mean sonicator or thermostated bath? JCB]
A third vial was placed in a larger one and placed in the sonicator with the other 2 vials.[name it here JCB]
(A total of 3 samples were made)
14:47 the temperature was lowered to 25 C
15:50 [What was the observed bath temperature at this time? JCB] the vials were removed from the water bath. At this period of time the salicylic acid had come out of solution