Alisha Merchant


To find the solubility of benzoic acid in methanol using density measurements.


Making a saturated solution of benzoic acid and methanol in a 5 ml volumetric flask. Heating it for 5 minutes in the thermostat at a temperature of 40 C. Remove the volumetric flask and pipette 1 ml of the solution in a vial and cool that to room temperature for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes remove the vial and measure the weight in grams of the solution. 3 readings were taken out of which one was a super saturated solution. We centrifuged that to get the density of the solution.


[Please add your density numbers JCB]


Some of the solution evaporated and white powder was seen at the opening of the volumetric flask. Even during the process of pipetting the solution the pipette eventually have white powder surrounding its tip. Procedure had to be performed relatively quickly so that the solvent does not dissolve [is dissolve the word you mean here? JCB]



[You can't write the procedure and discussion without first recording the log since these sections depend directly on what is there JCB]


[include log entries where you mixed the solute and solvent JCB]
12:09- Sample 1 was collected. Solution sample being 1 ml
12:28 - Placed the solution in the thermostat water bath at 40 degrees
12:33- Took out the solution from thermostat water bath at room temperature
12:35- Sample 2 was collected and placed the solution back in the thermostat water bath which was at room temperature
12:36- Sample 2 was placed in room temperature water bath 40 degrees.[Do you mean 40C? - that isn't room temp JCB]
12:41- Took out the solution from thermostat water bath room temperature
12:42- Sample 3 was collected and placed in room temperature water bath.The solution was placed back in the thermostat water bath 40 degrees.
12:48- Took out the solution from thermostat water bath
12:55- Took out the solution from the thermostat water bath and the mass of samples 1 and 2 were recorded. [How much volume did you take and what were the masses? JCB]
13:00- The third sample had formed crystalls [spelling JCB] in the water bath. Therefore I could not weigh it [That is good that crystals came out because it means that it was saturated - you just need to separate out the supernatant JCB]