Sozit Kurtu


To determine the solubility of piperonal in n-hexane at 5C increments from 50C to -5C using NMR. This is to identify near-melting point behavior, create a solubility curve, and elucidate the results of experiment 185, experiment 186, experiment 187, and experiment 188.








10:30 - Made samples A-E.
10:50 - Set water bath to 50C.
11:15 - Put samples in bath. Actual temp 45.5C.
12:00 - Solutions still immiscible.
12:45 - Removed samples. Observed yellowish bottom layer (presumably piperonal) that went into solution when shaken for ~1 minute.
13:00 - Placed samples in bath at 50C to equilibriate back to temperature.
13:15 - Set temp to 45C. Actual 50C.
13:20 - Set temp to 40C. Actual 46C.
13:45 - Set temp to 35C. Actual 40C.
13:53 - Set temp to 30C. Actual 36C.
13:57 - Set temp to 25C. Actual 30.5C.
14:08 - Set temp to 20C. Actual 25C.
14:10 - Sample E cloudy @ 22C. Set temp to 15C. Actual 22C.
14:15 - Sample D cloudy @ 19C.
14:18 - Sample C cloudy @ 17.5C.
14:20 - Sample B cloudy @ 15C. Set temp to 10C. Actual 15C. Sample A appears to have fallen out of solution entirely, time unknown.
14:25 - Set temp to 5C. Actual 10C.
14:30 - Set temp to 0C. Actual 4.5C.
14:40 - Set temp to -5C. Actual 0C. Sample A still not cloudy.