Jianbo Zhao


The objective of this experiment is to determine the solubility of 2-phenylbutyric acid in benzene, hexane and methanol using the density method.


1. Set up all the equipments. Including temperature bath, tubes, balance and volumetric flasks
2. Take out 3 clean tubes and clean then, marked them as A, B and C.
3. Started to measure the mass of the empty tubes, tubes with three solution.
4. Put each tube with 2-phenylbutyric acid. Add up pure benzene into the tubes. Until 3 quarters of the whole tube, stop. Then, measure mass of tubes with solvent and 2-phenylbutyric acid.
5. Put on the cab and seal the tube really tight.
6. After that, use a tape to take the tube. Tape them on on the edge of temperature bath which they can stick with each other. Set the temperature into 50C and put them in.
7. 60 minutes later, take tube A out and transfer the liquid into a new clean tube marked as A1, B1 and C1.
8. Bath three new tubes with a beaker with 25C water about 10 minutes.
9.Take them out and measure each solution's density with 3 flasks, 5ml, 2ml and 1ml.


The measurements


Plot 1: Density of three solvent in 2-phenylbutyric acid via different volume of flasks


Pic.1 Measurement the density of pure hexene, mathanol and benzene with 4 different volume flasks.


Pic.2 Sealed and taped tubes marked as A, B and C.


Pic.3 Put them into water bath set as 50C.

Photo11291608_1.jpg Photo11291608.jpg

Pic.4 Observation of tubes just taken out from water bath, observed that no layer or crystals. All solutions are clear.


  1. The methanol solution has a negative number, which means there were some experiment errors. Probably some liquid got into the tube when taking the water bath.
  2. All of the solution are not saturated at the moment, even though the concentration were hight at this point.
  3. The range of all the trails in this experiment are from 1.4 to 1.7.


  1. The solubiliy of 2-phenylbutyric acid in benzene, hexane and methanol solution are extremly high.
  2. The density of three pure solvent are quite close to each other. hexane is 0.87g/ml, benzene is 0.65g/ml, and methanol is 0.78g/ml.



12:18 Set up equipments. Using 10ml, 5ml, 2ml and 1ml volume flasks to measure density of pure three solvents.
13:50 Take benzene, hexane and methanol out. Measured three pure density. Take Picture 1
14:39 Measure three empty tubes. After that,put three solvent into three tubes marked as A, B and C. Measured the mass. And do the same measurement.
14:41 Put 2-phenylbutyric acid into 3 tubes, each of them put up to three quarters of the whole tube, then measured the mass for each.
14:58 Seal and tape each tube. Take Picture 2.
15:07 Put them into temperature water bath set the temperature of 50C. Take Picture 3.
16:08 Take them out of water bath. Obserbed that all of the solutions are cleared and not saturated. Take Picture 4
16:13 Measure the density using 3 volume flasks. 5ml, 2ml and 1ml.