How to add solubility data to the Google Doc spreadsheet

What not to do:

  • Do not add incomplete entries.
  • Do not add aborted experiments.
  • Do not add/delete/change any columns.
  • Do not add data to columns N-X unless using them to add data from the literature.
  • Do not add simple numbers in column B - you can put 1- or 1a but not 1

Adding data:

  • When you add your solubility data to the spreadsheet, make an entry for each trial (and add a 'sample or citation').
  • Check to see if the solute you are testing is already in the spreadsheet, and if so make sure to use the same exact name and solute SMILES in columns D and E respectively.
  • As regards to type - column M - enter either aldehyde, amine, carboxylic acid, isonitrile, or Ugi Product (case sensitive). If your solute is none of these types, enter either the correct type for your compound (e.g. amide) or enter "non-Ugi related".
  • In a references section on your experiment page, add a link to the solubility data (e.g., see JennyHale-6 for an example.
  • In the NMR section, add a link directly to each raw data file, e.g. JCAMP-DX