ONS Papers

As results are collected and new discoveries are made, summaries of these results and discoveries are published in Open Access journals. For a list todo items, see the UsefulChem pending items page.

Ideas for Potential Papers

Abraham descriptor models
Abraham coefficients models (esp. Abraham equation coefficients for the environmentally friendly “green” solvents)
Ethanol/water system solubility model
PEG 400/water system solubility model
methanol, ethanol, 1-octanol models or (single paper for alcohol series)

Open logP model
Water solubility model
Solvent selection/gChem scripts

ONSChallenge Solubility Data Book - Final Edition (Bill Acree)

Papers in Progress

ONSpaper01 (ONS Challenge Judges)
Modeling melting points
Determination of Abraham model solute descriptors for trans-cinnamic acid using measured solubilities.
Abraham solvent coefficients (esp. Abraham equation coefficients for the environmentally friendly “green” solvents)

Published Papers

Chemistry in Second Life. Andrew SID Lang and Jean-Claude Bradley
The Spectral Game: Leveraging Open Data and Crowdsourcing for Education. Jean-Claude Bradley, Robert J Lancashire, Andrew SID Lang, and Antony J Williams
Optimization of the Ugi Reaction Using Parallel Synthesis and Automated Liquid Handling. Jean-Claude Bradley, Khalid Baig Mirza, Tom Osborne, Antony Wiliams, and Kevin Owens.